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website_loginto Login to deliveries.orrs.de
website_onlypro This service is only available to owners of the pro-version!
website_registerfirst Please register with your account using the app first!
website_invalidlogin Invalid credentials! You have to create an account within the app first.
website_add Add Delivery
website_edit Edit Delivery
website_loginwith Log In with Deliveries
website_or OR
website_togetaccess To get access to the synchronization website, you need to create an account within the app first.
website_dependingon Depending on your choice, you can either enter the details of your Deliveries account or press the Google button to sign in with your Google account.
website_additionally Additionally, this service is only available to customers of the pro-version!
website_nodirectlink This provider does not support direct links.
Please use CTRL+C (CMD+C) to copy the tracking ID, click OK and paste it afterwards!
website_pleasewait Please wait…
website_showxdeliveries Show %1$s deliveries
website_nodeliveries No deliveries available.
website_showing_x_deliveries Showing %1$s to %2$s of %3$s deliveries
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website_uses_cookies By using this website, you agree that cookies are stored on your device.
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website_pwreset_email_title Password reset information
website_pwreset_email_dear Dear
website_pwreset_email_text please click the link below to choose a new password for your Deliveries account:
website_pwreset_error_email Error sending email. Please contact the developer!
website_pwreset_error_invalid_email Invalid email address
website_pwreset_instructions_sent Instructions on how to reset your password have been sent to your email address!
website_pwreset_error_invalid_token Invalid token
website_pwreset_error_token_exp Token expired
website_pwreset_error_pw_too_short Password is too short
website_pwreset_error_pw_no_match Passwords do not match
website_pwreset_success Password was successfully changed. You can now log in with your new account information!
website_pwreset_confirm_pw Confirm password
website_purge_data Purge data
website_purge_email_title Data purge request
website_purge_email_text please click the link below to confirm purging all data related to your Deliveries account:
website_purge_instructions In order to purge your data, please enter the email address of your user account below. You will then receive an email with a verification token that will allow you to complete the deletion process.
website_purge_instructions_note Please note that this will permanently delete all your data from the system and cannot be undone.
website_purge_instructions_sent Instructions on how to purge your data have been sent to your email address!
website_purge_confirm Click the button below to purge your data. This cannot be undone.
website_purge_success Your data has been removed from the system.
website_purge_success_note If you continue using the app, please make sure to manually remove the account from the synchronization settings to prevent errors while refreshing your deliveries.
website_emailtokeninfo1 The email token is an email address you can forward your shipment confirmations to. Please note that functionality is extremely limited at the moment and most emails will probably not be recognized.
website_emailtokeninfo2 If you have a generic type of order confirmation, please forward it to deliveries@orrs.de so I can add support for it.
website_emailtokeninfo3 Please also read the privacy notice on how the forwarded emails will be treated.
website_emailtoken Show email token
website_newtoken New Token
website_generatetoken Really generate a new token?
website_newinver New in version %1$s
website_changelog Changelog
website_emailsent Email sent!
website_submit Submit
erecog_deliveryexists_title Delivery already exists
erecog_deliveryexists_text The delivery that was recognized in your forwarded email is already present in your account!
erecog_notrecognized_title Delivery not recognized
erecog_notrecognized_text Unfortunately the automated recognition service was not able to find valid tracking information in your forwarded email.
GooglePlayAppName__Max30Chars__ Deliveries Package Tracker
GooglePlayIapPermanentTitle__Max55Chars__ Pro-Version (Permanent)
GooglePlayIapPermanentDescription__Max80Chars__ Permanent unlock through a one time purchase
GooglePlayProSubTitle__Max55Chars__ Pro-Version (Subscription)
GooglePlayProSubDescription__Max80Chars__ Subscription of the Pro-Version with automated recurring payments
GooglePlayProSubBenefit1__Max40Chars__ All features of the pro version
GooglePlayProSubBenefit2__Max40Chars__ Remove all ads
GooglePlayAdFreeSubTitle__Max55Chars__ Ad-Free (Subscription)
GooglePlayAdFreeSubDescription__Max80Chars__ Subscription to remove all ads without the features of the Pro-Version
GooglePlayShortDescription__Max80Chars__ Keep track of all your deliveries at a glance with "Deliveries" for Android!
GooglePlayDescription__Max4000Chars__ With "Deliveries" for Android you can keep track of all your parcels at a glance. Wherever you are, just add the delivery via its tracking ID and find out where it is. It's just one click away!

Currently, the following providers are supported:
- Amazon
- An Post
- bpost / TAXIPOST
- Chronopost
- City Link
- CitySprint (Amazon orders only)
- Collect+
- Courierit, CouriersPlease
- Correos
- Dawn Wing
- DHL, DHL Express International, DHL Global Mail
- DPD, DPD.co.uk
- eBay
- ELTA, ELTA Courier
- EMS Korea
- EWC Express
- Fastway
- FedEx
- Globeflight
- GLS, GLS.it
- Hermes, Hermes.co.uk
- Hunter Trading Group
- i-parcel
- International Bridge
- kuriero
- LaserShip
- LogoiX
- OnTrac
- Parcelforce Worldwide
- Post: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France (La Poste), Germany, Hongkong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico (Mexpost), Moldova, Netherlands (PostNL), New Zealand, Norway, Singapore (SingPost), Sweden, Switzerland (Swiss)
- Purolator
- P&T Luxembourg
- Royal Mail
- Seabourne Express
- SkyNet
- Stadtbote
- StarTrack
- TNT, TNT Innight, TNT Fashion
- Yodel
- Full list: https://deliveries.orrs.de
Got suggestions for more? Please send us a functional tracking ID and the tracking URL via E-Mail and we will try our best to support that provider as soon as possible.

Background Notifications:
You don't have to open the app and check for new statuses. For natively supported providers, "Deliveries" offers the option to send you a notification when there is a updated shipping status.

Synchronize deliveries across different devices via our synchronization service.

Tracing the package via Google Maps is available for many logistic partners.

"Deliveries" was designed to provide a pleasing experience on both smartphones and tablets.

For a quick overview without opening the app, you can add widgets to your home screen.

You can buy the extended version of "Deliveries" right within the app! Your purchase will remove all ads and unlock many more customization options. Just hit the cart button in the main list and follow the steps.
- no ads
- easily import your Amazon and eBay orders and keep them synced
- set a quiet mode for notifications
- access to different app themes
- many useful convenience settings
- browser access to sync data via https://deliveries.orrs.de/sync/
- shake to refresh, …

Online Shopping-Integration:
Pro users can easily import all their Amazon and eBay orders in the synchronization settings. On top of that, tracking continues after the order is passed to DHL, UPS, USPS etc. (only for traceable, direct purchases).

Help us translate deliveries to more languages! You can now be part of the development, just head over to https://localize.orrs.de and submit your translations!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions via our Q&A portal https://help.orrs.de
AmazonAppShopIapSubscriptionTitle Pro-Version Pass (Subscription)
AmazonAppShopIapSubscriptionDescription Recommended: Subscription based payment for a time limited unlock
LEGACY_GooglePlayIapOneMonthTitle__Max55Chars__ Pro-Version Pass (1 Month)
LEGACY_GooglePlayIapOneMonthDescription__Max80Chars__ Monthly subscription with automated recurring payments
LEGACY_GooglePlayIapOneYearTitle__Max55Chars__ Pro-Version Pass (1 Year)
LEGACY_GooglePlayIapOneYearDescription__Max80Chars__ Recommended: yearly subscription with automated recurring payments
LEGACY_GooglePlayAdFreeOneYearTitle__Max55Chars__ Ad-Free Pass (1 Year)
LEGACY_GooglePlayAdFreeOneYearDescription__Max80Chars__ Removes all ads for one year without the features of the Pro-Version
ScreenshotDeliveryTitleNewShoes New Shoes
ScreenshotDeliveryTitleChristmasCD Christmas CD
ScreenshotDeliveryTitleBirthdayPresentForMum Birthday Present for Mum
ScreenshotDeliveryTitleCatFood Cat Food
ScreenshotDeliveryTitleElectricToothbrush Electric Toothbrush
ScreenshotStatusAmazonNotShippedYet Not shipped yet
ScreenshotStatusAmazonSoonShipped Will be shipped soon
ScreenshotStatusAmazonShippedOn shipped on
ScreenshotStatusDHLDestinationParcelCenter The shipment has been processed in the destination parcel center
ScreenshotStatusDPDOrderInformationTransmitted Order information has been transmitted to DPD.
ScreenshotStatusDPDInTransit In transit.
ScreenshotStatusDPDParcelDeliveryCentre At parcel delivery centre.
ScreenshotStatusUPSDestinationScan Destination Scan
ScreenshotStatusOrdered Ordered
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