Deliveries Package Tracker


New in v5.7.23
  • fixed issues with Cainiao Global Order Tracking and GLS
  • removed native support for UPS 🙁 (still searching for a new solution)
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.22
  • fixed issues with Amazon, Cainiao Global Order Tracking, China Post, Correios, DHL, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, OPT New Caledonia, Post Norway (Bring), Relais Colis and Sendle
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.21
  • native support for Day & Ross LTL, Early Bird, Evri, MailAmericas, MTD (Morgontidig Distribution), Paack and TForce Freight
  • fixed issues with ACS, Blue Dart Express, Colis Privé, DHL Global Mail, DX Delivered Exactly™, Ecom Express, EKART Logistics (Flipkart, …), GLS.es, Hermes, Kuroneko Yamato, MRW, Purolator, TForce Final Mile, TForce Integrated Solutions, TNT and UPU Universal Postal Union
  • removed native support Israel Post 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.20
  • native support for Chit Chats, Hermes Einrichtungs Service (2-Mann) and Skroutz Last Mile
  • fixed issues with ACS, Amazon, Asendia USA, Cargus (renamed from Urgent Cargus), China Post, DACHSER Intelligent Logistics, DPD.pl, Intelcom Express, Pitney Bowes, Redpack and SFC Send From China
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.19
  • fixed issues with Amazon
New in v5.7.18
  • native support for Sameday.ro and Tracklite
  • fixed issues with FedEx (no background notifications for now), Post Austria, Post Finland, Post Italy, Shiprocket and UniUni
New in v5.7.17
  • native support for Amazon.se (limited functionality), Lattis Link, Sendle and UniUni / Uni Express
  • fixed issues with FedEx, Post Kazakhstan (Казпочта), StarTrack, Xpressbees and YODEL
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.16
  • native support for Exelot, FedEx Cross Border / International Connect, GAASH, iMile and SEKO Logistics
  • fixed issues with Cainiao, Canpar Express, Correios, DACHSER, Delhivery, DPD, DPD.fr, GEL Express Logistik, GLS.US, Israel Post, Lone Star Overnight, Post Norway (Bring), PostNL, Relais Colis, Speedpost and Zajil
  • fixed Android 12 link handling (must be manually configured in device settings)
  • fixed external barcode scanners on Android 12
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.15
  • fixed issues with ACS, Correios, DTDC, Hermes, IDS Logistik, ORLEN Paczka, Post Germany, PostNL, PostNord, R.R. Donnelley International, UBI Smart Parcel and YANWEN Express
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.14
  • fixed issues with DHL eCommmerce, DHL Express International, eBay and Intelcom Express
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.13
  • fixed issues with Amazon
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.12
  • native support for UDS UnitedDelivery Service
  • support for WanbExpress (non-native)
  • fixed issues with DACHSER and DHL
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.11
  • native support for Czech Post
  • fixed issues with Correos, Correos de Mexico (Mexpost) and Toll Priority/IPEC
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.10
  • native support for ArrowXL, CJPacket, DPD.ro and Liefery
  • support for Post+ (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Amazon, APG, Aramex, DB Schenker, DHL, DHL eCommmerce, DHL Parcel.uk, DPD, eBay, Egypt Post, ELTA, GLS, Landmark Global, Pitney Bowes, Post Luxembourg, Post Malaysia (Pos Laju), PostNL, Post Poland, Post Ukraine, Redpack, Relais Colis, SFC, SkyNet Worldwide Express, SMSA Express, UPS Mail Innovations and Zásilkovna (Packeta)
  • removed native support Gati 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.9
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.8
  • fixed issues with UPS
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.7
  • native support for Amazon.nl, Danske Fragtmænd, GLS.US and Shiprocket
  • fixed issues with Amazon, CTT, Delhivery, DHL eCommerce, DSV, Israel Post, Nightline Delivers, Post Poland, TIPSA, WISH, Xpressbees, YANWEN Express and Yun Express
  • removed native support for Blue Dart Express and FAN Courier 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.6
  • fixed issues with DHL eCommerce, DHL Express International, DHL Parcel.nl (DHL For You), DPD and LaserShip
New in v5.7.5
  • fixed issues with GLS and Post Austria
  • support for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (non-native)
New in v5.7.4
  • native support for Cargo International, Correos El Salvador, Dicom, Hermes World, Paquetexpress and Zajil (زاجل)
  • support for Deutsche Post Packet Plus and jadlog (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Correios, Correos, Correos de Mexico (Mexpost), CTT, DAO365, eBay, Emirates Post Group, Estafeta, Flyt Express, GLS, Israel Post, LBC Express, Newgistics, OnTrac, Parcelforce Worldwide, PHLPOST, Post Latvia, Post Slovenia, Post Taiwan (Chunghwa), Relais Colis, SDA, SF Express, SunYou, trans-o-flex, UPS, WISH, wnDirect and Yun Express
  • fixed Amazon partial deliveries getting mixed up and duplicated
  • removed native support for CNE, CorreosChile and PPL CZ 🙁
  • removed rate limit from Tasker refresh plugin
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.3
  • China Post can be tracked in English now
  • native support for GLS.es, GLS.pt, GO! Express & Logistics, Lazada Express (LEX, LEL) and Naqel Express
  • fixed issues with 4-72, Blue Dart Express, China Post, DHL, DHL eCommerce Asia, DHL.pl, DPD.pt, eBay, EMS China, Estafeta, FAR800, Globegistics, GLS, Interparcel, Nacex and Yun Express
  • removed native support for Correo Argentino 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.2
  • native support for 4PX, APG Australia Post Global, Asendia, DHL Parcel.es, DPD.pt, ParcelPoint, Purolator International (PuroPost), Relais Colis and SGT
  • fixed issues with AIT Worldwide Logistics, Amazon, Boxberry, bpost, Bulgarian Post, CanPar, DHL Parcel.uk, FAN Courier, KWT (Jinghuada Logistics), Purolator, Speedy, WISH Wishpost, Xpressbees and YANWEN Express
  • removed native support for Post Indonesia 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7.1
  • native support for ninjavan and Xpressbees
  • fixed issues with Matkahuolto and Post Latvia
  • bug fixes
New in v5.7
  • integrated barcode scanner
  • reworked Amazon integration
  • native support for Bluecare Express, EMPS Express (Shenzen), Intelcom Express, Paczka w RUCHu, R.R. Donnelley International and UBI Smart Parcel
  • fixed issues with An Post, BRT, Correios, GEL Express Logistik, GLS.nl, Korea Post, Landmark Global, P2P Mailing, Post Croatia, Post Malaysia, SkyNet Malaysia and The Professional Couriers
  • removed native support for Direct Link, Haypost and Post Ukraine 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.6.5
  • native support for Helthjem and Post Taiwan (Chunghwa)
  • fixed issues with Blue Dart Express, DHL Parcel.nl, GEL Express Logistik, Hongkong Post, Israel Post, OPT New Caledonia, PostNord (with Post Denmark and Post Sweden), Saudi Post, Slovak Post, Speedy, StarTrack, TForce Final Mile (Dynamex) and TNT.fr
  • removed native support for PTT 🙁
  • bug fixes
New in v5.6.4
  • fixed issues with Amazon, bpost and Swiss Post
  • removed native support for Australia Post 🙁
New in v5.6.3
  • fixed Amazon login issues
    • affected users should get a captcha request and might need to reconfigure the account in the synchronization settings
New in v5.6.2
  • fixed issues with Amazon Logistics, GD Express, OCS Worldwide and OrangeConnex (SpeedPAK)
  • fixed notification sound on older Android devices
New in v5.6.1
  • fixed issues with DHL eCommerce and UPS
  • bug fixes
New in v5.6
  • added support for night mode
  • native support for OrangeConnex (SpeekPAK) and Planzer Paket
  • fixed issues with Blue Dart Express, CanPar, China Post, CK1, Colissimo, Correos de Mexico, DHL eCommerce, Direct Parcel Service, DPD, DPD.fr, Ecom Express, ELTA, Emirates Post Group, EMS China, FedEx, Γενική Ταχυδρομική, Hermes.co.uk, Interparcel, La Poste France, LBC Express, LibanPost, Loomis Express, MRW, Nexive, Post Lithuania, Post Serbia, SDA, SingPost, SMSA Express, Star Track Express, SunYou, Toll Priority/IPEC, Yodel and Yun Express
New in v5.5.6
  • fixed issues with Amazon, Correios, Cyprus Post, DHL, DHL eCommmerce, Estafeta, India Post, Post Poland, Saudi Post and Urgent Cargus
New in v5.5.5
  • fixed issues with China Post, DPD Primetime.at, StarTrack, SunYou and UPS
New in v5.5.4
  • fixed issues with DHL
New in v5.5.3
  • fixed issues with DPD and Israel Post
  • fixed duplicate notification sounds
  • fixed setting a custom language on Android 8.0+
New in v5.5.2
  • privacy update
  • minor improvements and bug fixes
New in v5.5.1
  • added support for Amazon SMS code verification
  • fixed issues with Haypost, Meest-America and Packlink
  • removed native support for Meest Group 🙁
  • [PRO] fixed issues with automatic translation
New in v5.5
  • native support for DHL eCommerce, ELTA, Hermes.it, PanAsia (Faryaa.com) and SunYou
  • fixed issues with DHL, DPD, DPD.co.uk, InPost, LBC Express, Pitney Bowes, Sailpost and WISH
  • added support for Amazon email code verification
  • removed native support for DHL Global Mail 🙁
  • many changes for Android 8.0+ (Notification channels, adaptive icon, ...)
New in v5.4.4
  • fixed issues with DHL, DHL 2-Mann-Handling (Deliver IT), ELTA Courier, Flyt Express, Hermes.at, LBC Express, Pitney Bowes, Post Lithuania and SFC Send From China
  • removed native support for ELTA and SF Express International 🙁
  • fixed synchronization of completed deliveries when marked from the action menu
  • fixed links in browsers and mails not being opened by the app anymore
New in v5.4.3
  • fixed issues with DHL and WINIT
New in v5.4.2
  • fixed issues with Aramex, Bulgarian Post, DAO365, DHL eCommerce Asia, Ecom Express, EKART Logistics, Hermes, PHLPOST and WINIT
  • removed native support for 4PX and Czech Post 🙁
  • added notifications for expired eBay login information
New in v5.4.1
  • fixed relative dates of up to 48 hours ago wrongly being displayed as yesterday
  • fixed issues with Correios, Post Malaysia, Swiss Post and UPS
  • temporarily removed native support for Royal Mail (trying to gain official API access)
  • added 3 hours sync interval
New in v5.4
  • fixed issues with CanPar, Colis Privé, Correios, DHL eCommerce (Global Mail), DHL Poland, DX Delivered Exaxtly™, GD Express, ICC Worldwide, Mondial Relay, Post Malaysia, PostNL, SF Express, WISH and Xend
  • the keyboard is no longer hidden while opening the provider chooser and partial deliveries
  • fixed the first delivery in the list getting marked as read while opening any other delivery and reduced the open delay
  • fixed duplicate #1 entries in Amazon orders with multiple shipments
  • the app now requires at least Android 4.1+ (API 16)
  • [PRO] added option to change the default action bar icon in detail view
  • bug fixes
  • thanks to all translators!
New in v5.3.3
  • fixed issues with Australia Post, Boxberry, Chronopost, Correos Express, Delhivery, DHL Active Tracing, EspeedPost, Hongkong Post, Mondial Relay, Parcel2Go, Post Polen, Post Switzerland, TNT, UPS and Zásilkovna
  • bug fixes
  • thanks to all translators!
New in v5.3.2
  • fixed issues with Colissimo and DTDC
  • added modern app widget
  • bug fixes
New in v5.3.1
  • native support for CJAH Missions International Ltd and KWT Express & Logistics
  • fixed issues with Amazon, Amazon Logistics, DB Schenker, DHL eCommmerce (Asia, Global Mail), Direct Link, FAN Courier, Israel Post, Lone Star Overnight, Post Albania (Internal), Post Austria, PostNord, Sailpost, SF Express International, TNT.it and UPS i-parcel
  • app shortcuts for Android 7.1+
  • [PRO] added some dark theme variations
  • fixed synchronization of partial deliveries
  • bug fixes
  • thanks to all translators!
  • added an ad in detail view (50% chance) to tackle decreasing ad revenue
New in v5.3
  • native support for Amazon Logistics, DAO365, DHL eCommerce Asia and Royale International (South Africa)
  • fixed issues with Colissimo, Cuckoo Express, Delhivery, DHL Parcel.nl, DPD.fr, Israel Post, LibanPost, Pitney Bowes, Post Austria, Post Kazakhstan (Казпочта), and Sailpost
  • added fast scroll track to provider chooser
  • bug fixes
New in v5.2.2
  • native support for Correos Express, FAR800, Hermes.at, Omniva, Shree Anjani Courier Services and WINIT
  • fixed issues with Aramex, DHL Global Mail, DHL Parcel.nl, Israel Post, FAN Courier, IDS, JNE, Nacex, P2P Mailing (TrakPak), Pitney Bowes, Post Italy, Post Malaysia, PTT, Redpack, SF Express, SingPost
  • minor bug fixes
New in v5.2.1
  • fixed issues with DHL Global Mail, DPD, Parcelforce Worldwide and Speedex
  • fixed Slovak translation
  • [PRO] added setting to disable deliveries with ETA being displayed at the top
  • crash and functionality fixes
New in v5.2
  • huge improvements to UI responsiveness while refreshing
  • drastically improved startup time with large delivery archives
  • native support for EKART Logistics (formerly Flipkart Logistics)
  • fixed issues with bpost, Correos de Mexico (Mexpost), DHL, DHL Global Mail, DPD, LaserShip, Post Malaysia, SEUR, Sky56, Stadtbote, TNT.it and Yun Express
  • added round icon for Pixel launcher
  • added Slovak translation, thanks to all translators!
  • [PRO] updated Microsoft Translator API to use Azure portal credentials
New in v5.1.6
  • fixed issues with DPD.pl and Post Malaysia
  • important crash fixes
New in v5.1.5
  • [PRO] automatic translation for statuses (requires Microsoft Translator API credentials and per-courier configuration, see settings)
  • native support for Cainiao Global Order Tracking, Sky56 Beishisheng Logistics and UPU Universal Postal Union
  • fixed issues with 4PX, Allied Express, CDEK, Chronopost, CTT, Delhivery, DHL Express International, Direct Parcel Service, DPD.fr, DPE, DTDC, Dynamex, India Post, JRS Express International, Kiala, OCS Worldwide, One World Express, Packlink, Post Switzerland, PostNord, Quantium Solutions, Redyser, Royal Mail, SF Express, SF Express International, Singapore Post, Slovak Post, South African Post Office, Speedex, TIKI, UK Mail, UPS, UPS i-parcel, Urgent Cargus and YANWEN Express
  • added QuickSettings tile for Android 7.0 to allow easy disabling of background refreshing
  • added option to disable background refreshing when roaming
  • no longer suggest opening Amazon links with Deliveries
  • bug fixes and improvements
New in v5.1.4
  • minor bug fixes
New in v5.1.3
  • fixed issues with notification actions
  • fixed issues with Cepra 3.0, Correo Argentino, DHL Global Mail, DHL Express International (Swiss Pack), Ecom Express, Estafeta, LBC Express, Paczkomaty InPost, Post India, Post Slovenia and PTT
  • Post Switzerland now displays ETA and further details
  • Data Matrix barcodes are now scaled to a viewable size
  • added Vietnamese translation. A big thank you to all translators!
New in v5.1.2
  • properly grouped notifications on Android N (7.0)
  • fixed issues with UPS i-parcel
  • crash fixes
New in v5.1.1
  • fixed Amazon login issues. Customers using 2FA will need to re-validate manually (refresh a delivery or re-add the account)
  • fixed issues with Aramex, Correo Argentino, DHL, PHLPOST, Post Malaysia and Yun Express
New in v5.1
  • added support for Amazon Two-Step Verification
  • native support for 13ten, Amazon.co.jp, Despatch Bay, Dynamex, Officeworks Mailman, OPT, Packlink.fr, Packlink.it, Pitney Bowes, SMSA Express and Yun Express
  • fixed issues with City-Link Express, Correos de Mexico (Mexpost), DHL Express International, DHL Global Mail, Ecom Express, ELTA, Globegistics, Itella, Japan Post, Matkahuolto, Mondial Relay, Pakistan Post, PHLPOST, Post Belarus (Белпочта), Post Indonesia, Post Malaysia, Post Romania, Sailpost, Royal Mail, SPSR express, StarTrack, The Professional Couriers, TNT.uk, Toll IPEC, Urgent Cargus, YANWEN Express, Wedo Express and WISH
  • fixed wrong USPS delivery date estimates
  • increased aggressiveness of background service on Android 6.0+ (new "Problems?" button in notification settings)
  • various new provider detections for Amazon and eBay
New in v5.0.5
  • fixed issues with Amazon authentication
New in v5.0.4
  • native support for GLS.ro
  • fixed issues with 4PX, Australia Post, China Post, CourierPost, Delhivery, DHL Deliver It, DHL Global Mail, DTDC, DX, Nexive, Packpin, Post Belarus, Post Finland, Post Latvia, SF Express International, Speedy
  • renamed Exapaq to DPD.fr
  • bug fixes
New in v5.0.3
  • fixed issues with bpost, Chronopost, CorreosChile, Estafeta, PackLink.es, PONY EXPRESS, Post Japan, Post Malaysia, Post Romania and Post Russia
  • updated Google sign in for the synchronization service
New in v5.0.2
  • fixed issues with Post Lithuania, Sailpost, UPS and YODEL
New in v5.0.1
  • added cheaper subscription to only remove ads
  • fixed issues with GLS.it, Post India and PPL CZ
  • ETA and details are no longer shared between child deliveries
  • [PRO] added backup compatibility option to allow using Dropbox
  • [PRO] added option for increased spacing in the main and status list
  • [PRO] added option to set a custom notification background color
  • [PRO] added option to hide the refresh buttons
  • bug fixes
New in v5.0
  • material design and new icon
  • [PRO] Ability to restore settings and deliveries separately
  • [PRO] Ability to sort providers by usage
  • added some categories
  • new option to create custom status messages
  • new option to show the current tracking ID as barcode
  • added time chooser for the created date (no longer 00:00)
New in v4.9.9
  • fixed issues with Post Italy and TNT.fr
  • important update for the synchronization service
New in v4.9.8
  • fixed issues with ACS, Airpak Express, CNZ Express, Haypost, Post Italy, Post Slovakei, Toll Global Express and USPS
  • renamed DPD Business.at to DPD Primetime.at
New in v4.9.7
  • native support for LiteMF, Loomis Express, One World Express and Tyrone
  • fixed issues with Airpak Express, Bussgods, Couriers Please, Delhivery, DHL, DHL Parcel.nl, DPD, Ecom Express, EMS China, GLS, Haypost, Packpin, Pecom, Post Malaysia and trans-o-flex
  • addded ETA and other details for TNT shipments
  • added service type detail for Canada Post
  • fixed some crashes
New in v4.9.6
  • preliminary native support for Packpin
  • fixed issues with CouriersPlease, DB Schenker Sweden, GLS.it, LogoiX, Post Israel, Post Serbia, Post Switzerland, PostNord, SailPost, trans-o-flex, UPS Mail Innovations
  • re-enabled expected delivery date for USPS
  • removed sao.cn as the service seems to be discontinued 🙁
  • fixed some crashes
New in v4.9.5
  • fixed issues with bpost, Collect+, CTT, DHL, Emirates Post Group, FAN Courier, Γενική Ταχυδρομική, Nexive, Paczkomaty InPost, Post Israel, Post Italy, Post Vietnam, Toll Global Express, USPS and Zásilkovna
  • fixed some crashes
New in v4.9.4
  • emergency fix for Post Italy
New in v4.9.3
  • native support for DHL 2-Mann-Handling (Deliver IT), DPE, GEL Express Logistik, Kangaroo and Shipito
  • fixed issues with Amazon, CK1 (CHUKOU1 / ec-firstclass), Colis Privé, Nexive, Post Italy, Post Malaysia and USPS
New in v4.9.2
  • native support for A-1 International, CNE, Colissimo, Direct Parcel Service (directlog.com.br), Nationwide Express, SF Express B2C, SkyNet Malaysia and WISH
  • support for Packpin (multi-courier tracking) (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Amazon.co.uk, bpost, China Post, Delhivery, DHL Global Mail, Direct Link, DPD.pl, Γενική Ταχυδρομική, Hermes.co.uk, InPost, La Poste, Matkahuolto, My-ShoppingBox, Nacex, OnTrac, Post Indonesia, Post Kazakhstan (Казпочта), PostNL, Royal Mail and USPS
  • fixed Amazon captcha requests
  • major improvements for Android Wear notifications
  • fixed issues with the time format on some Android versions
New in v4.9.1
  • native support for Flipkart, Flipkart (ekart Logistics), GLS.cz, RED Express and Tips@
  • fixed issues with Collect+, Correios, CourierPost, DHL, DHL.pl, DHL Global Mail, GLS, La Poste France, India Post, Post Malaysia, Saudi Post, Royal Mail, SEUR, Speedpost and Temando
New in v4.9
  • fixed issues with 4PX, China Post, CTT, DTDC, FASPEED, My-ShoppingBox, Post Malaysia, PostNL, PTT, Qxpress, SDA, SF Express and Xend
  • [PRO] added manual backup & restore option for the complete app data including settings
  • fixed issues with time formatting on Android 5.1
New in v4.8
  • native support for PackLink.de, Swapnex, UTi and wnDirect
  • fixed issues with China Post, DHL, DHL Express International, DPD.pl, ELTA, ELTA Courier, Flyt Express, GLS, PostNL, sao.cn and TNT.it
  • added estimated date for Hermes shipments
  • fixed SingPost not updating in the background even if no captcha is required
  • fixed unread indicator in main list showing up even if it's disabled in settings
New in v4.7.7
  • added some new categories
  • fixed issues with Amazon, Correos de Mexico (Mexpost), Czech Post, DHL, DHL Global Mail, Major Express, Meest-America, MRW, Post Canada, Post Indonesia, Post Malaysia, Post Ukraine, Redpack, SFC, SPSR, UPS and USPS
New in v4.7.6
  • native support for Amazon.in, Boxberry, DHL ServicePoint Sweden, FASPEED, Gati, ICC Worldwide, Nacex, OCS Worldwide, PostPK, SDV and SkyNet International
  • support for SGT (non-native)
  • fixed issues with BRT, DHL, DHL Exp International, DHL Parcel.nl, FedEx PL, FirstFlight, FlytExpress, Newgistics, Paczkomaty, Parcelforce Worldwide, Czech Post, Post Indonesia, Post South Africa and Royal Mail (detailed)
  • removed native support for PayPalPackage and PostIN
  • new option to save the Amazon security question
  • moved AppStatus to about page
New in v4.7.5
  • native support for CNZExpress, Geis Global Logistics, HKRPost, Paczkomaty InPost, Patron Service and ShipZip
  • fixed issues with An Post, City Link, DHL Express International, Flyt Express, i-parcel, JNE, LBC Express, LibanPost, MRW, Nightline Delivers, PONY EXPRESS, Post Austria, Quantium Solutions and YANWEN Express
  • added create button to the widget
  • [PRO] background notifications for issues with the Amazon login
New in v4.7.4
  • native support for Asendia, Emirates Post Group, Post Slovenia, Sailpost, TForce Integrated Solutions and UPS Mail Innovations
  • support for 4-72 (non-native)
  • fixed issues with CTT, Estafeta, Landmark Global, Post Indonesia, PostNL and YANWEN Express
  • added Ukrainian translation thanks to Pavlo Goroshko aka Isaac Shpitcer
  • added Turkish translation thanks to Zade GUNERİ
  • added automatic detection for ShipStation links
  • possibility to translate (external) or delete single status messages by tapping the time
  • display product/service details for DHL shipments
  • improved SDA tracking in Italian language (includes times now)
  • [PRO] added option to separately hide checkbox and category icon in the main list
New in v4.7.3
  • native support for CK1
  • fixed issues with DB Schenker, DHL Active Tracing, DHL Express International, Major Express, Parcelforce Worldwide, P2PMailing, Post Indonesia, SingPost and Yodel
New in v4.7.2
  • native support for Post Yemen, PostModern and TA-Q-BIN Hong Kong
  • fixed issues with DPD.pl, GLS.nl, Post Egypt, Post Israel, Purolator and YANWEN Express
  • fixed crashes on some Samsung devices
  • [PRO] added option to disable "pull to refresh"
  • [Amazon] improved pro version license check
New in v4.7.1
  • native support for Interparcel
  • fixed common crash while adding or editing a parcel
  • fixed ads taking up the full screen
New in v4.7
  • native support for Airpak Express, Delhivery, DHL Poland, Ecom Express, gojavas, JRS Express International, Post Vietnam and YRC Freight
  • fixed issues with AnPost, China Post, CJ Korea Express, Czech Post, Egypt Post, Γενική Ταχυδρομική, Kiala, PostNL, Royal Mail (detailed), Tourline Express, UK Mail and USPS
  • added ability to change the created date of a delivery
  • added Tasker plugin for starting a complete refresh (custom scheduling)
  • fixed background refresh for partial deliveries requiring a captcha
New in v4.6
  • native support for ASM, GD Express, Lone Star Overnight, Meest Group and Post Albania (External/Internal)
  • fixed issues with DPD.pl, sao.cn, Hongkong Post, Nova Poshta, P2P Mailing and USPS
  • major improvements for the provider chooser including search
  • fixed barcode scanner result not appearing after device rotation
  • [PRO] added options to hide browser link and promotional text while sharing
New in v4.5.15
  • native support for 139 Express, AIOLOS, Allied Express, DACHSER Intelligent Logistics and K-EX
  • fixed issues with CTT, DHL, IDS Logistik, MRW, Post Poland, Post Ukraine, Royal Mail, TNT.fr, WeDo Express and Yodel
  • fixed captcha dialog being too small on some devices
New in v4.5.14
  • native support for Bussgods, DHL Express Netherlands, Exapaq, Haypost, Matkahuolto, temando, The Professional Couriers and Tourline Express
  • fixed issues with Amazon, Correios, CTT, FedEx UK, Parcelforce Worldwide, Post Belarus and TNT.com.au
  • [PRO] new option to hide the checkboxes in the main list
  • crash fixes
New in v4.5.13
  • fixed crash on Android 2.3
  • native support for DHL Global Forwarding, PayPal Package and Post Sri Lanka
  • fixed issues with DPD, PostNL, PostNord and Russian Post
  • improved summarized notifications for Android Wear (now displayed as a stack of notifications)
New in v4.5.12
  • Finnish translation thanks to Jere "jesi" Siirilä and Risto Suikkanen
  • native support for 17 Post Service, Blue Dart Express, City-Link Express, DPD Business.at, Kiala, Major Express, Post Serbia and SwipBox
  • support for Энергия and PayPal Package (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Hermes, Meest-America, OnTrac, Post Ukraine and Speedpost
  • renamed TNT Post.it to Nexive, MexPost to Correos de Mexico (Mexpost)
  • added custom background for Android Wear notifications
  • [PRO] two new themes: dark blue and dark red
  • [PRO] new option to choose Android Wear notification background
  • UI improvements
New in v4.5.11
  • native support for Direct Link US and MaltaPost
  • support for PackSend (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Amazon, China Post, ELTA, ELTA Courier, Meest-America, Post Indonesia and Post Lithuania
  • display recipient information for Hermes
  • added three new categories
  • added option to share delivery settings via QR code
  • added button to scan the tracking ID for partial deliveries
  • fixed UI glitch with expected delivery dates for RTL languages
  • [PRO] improved readability of selected items using red theme
New in v4.5.10
  • native support for AB Express, CorreosChile, Cuckoo Express, DX, Mondial Relay, Pecom (ПЭК), REX Kiriman Express, RPX Online, Wako Logistics
  • fixed issues with Meest-America, SingPost and USPS
  • added QR code button to allow scanning of delivery name (useful with browser plugins)
  • theme improvements
  • [PRO] changed provider filter to move deactivated providers to the bottom of the list instead of hiding them
  • [PRO] added option to hide non-favorite providers
New in v4.5.9
  • dropped support for Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Hebrew translation thanks to Ben Levi
  • native support for EspeedPost and World-Shipping Post
  • captcha protected support for SF Express
  • fixed issues with DHL, Flyt Express, Hongkong Post, Parcel2Go, Parcelforce Worldwide and USPS
  • proper native handling of Amazon login security
New in v4.5.8
  • Dutch translation thanks to Bert Kooij
  • native support for CanPar, CDEK, DTDC, GlobalPost, GLS.nl, Meest America, Quantium Solutions, Royal Mail (Detailed), SERVIENTREGA, TNT.uk and YANWEN Express
  • support for AIT Worldwide Logistics (non-native)
  • fixed issues with CouriersPlease, IDS, Pos Malaysia, Post Germany, Post Moldova, Royal Mail and Xend
  • allow different DB Schenker tracking ID formats
New in v4.5.7
  • native support for CJ Korea Express, FedEx UK, Itella, Landmark Global and PHLPOST
  • captcha-protected support for China Post, EMS China, Post Kazakhstan and SingPost
  • fixed issues with TNT Innight
  • proper error message for ambiguous Hermes tracking IDs
  • DHL For You now is DHL Parcel.nl
  • delivery name can now be left blank, displaying the tracking ID instead
  • new option to force a different app language
  • fixed edit view losing entries after device rotation / barcode scanning
New in v4.5.6
  • native support for Post Belarus (Белпочта)
  • support for PHLPOST (non-native)
  • important under the hood improvements for the device synchronization
  • crash fixes
New in v4.5.5
  • native support for P2P Mailing (Trak Pak), Selektvracht and TM Parcel
  • fixed issues with USPS
  • display detailed information for special DHL Express International statuses
  • display weight and index information for Russian Post
  • notification sounds will only play for summarized notifications if the previous one hasn't been dismissed yet
  • [PRO] display ETA in the detailed widget in addition to the status message
  • [Android 4.1+] expanded notifications including mark read and completed quick actions
New in v4.5.4
  • more stabilization fixes for the Amazon integration
  • native support for Amazon.es, Siódemka and Wedo Express
  • fixed issues with EMS Korea, GLS, Post Luxembourg and Post Poland
  • display estimated delivery date and time for DHL deliveries (if available)
  • display UPS delivery confirmation details
  • fixed error messages not being visible with translucent system bars
  • added "App Status" button to the main list for communicating known issues directly within the app
  • added option to disable special Pebble notifications
  • [PRO] two new themes (blue and red)
New in v4.5.3
  • native support for Packlink
  • fixed issues with Amazon and Australia Post
New in v4.5.2
  • native support for LibanPost and Speedy
  • fixed issues with Amazon, bpost, DHL, i-parcel, SDA and SingPost
New in v4.5.1
  • native support for DHL For You, Flyt Express, IDS Logistik, Johnny Air Plus, My-ShoppingBox, PosLaju, Qxpress, SEUR and SRE
  • support for InPost (non-native)
  • fixed issues with 4PX, DHL and DHL Express International
  • "Unknown" provider will now display the website if you put a direct link as tracking ID
  • double-pressing a location opens the map and focuses the relevant marker
  • added option to change the date format
  • [PRO] added option to display last status time instead of last refreshed in main list
New in v4.5
  • Polish and Spanish translations thanks to Michał Pieniążek and XRAYBoY
  • native support for AIR21, LBC Express, Metrowide Courier Express, Post Indonesia, Slovak Parcel Service, Star Track Express, TIKI, trans-o-flex and Xend
  • support for Asendia (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Amazon.co.uk, CityLink, Czech Post, FedEx, India Post, Russian Post, UK Mail, UPS and USPS
  • partial deliveries: combine tracking IDs within a single entry
  • improved background refreshing without active deliveries
  • added option to individually set the refresh interval while on mobile data
  • [PRO] alternate authentication method for the eBay integration
  • [PRO] display external account type in navigation drawer
New in v4.4.1
  • native support for Egypt Post and South African Post Office
  • fixed issues with CTT and Direct Link
  • added option to force 12/24-hour format
  • [PRO] improved eBay login dialog for devices with older Android versions (below 4.4)
  • [Android 4.4+] improvements and bug fixes for the translucent system bars
  • [Android 4.4+] added option to disable translucent system bars
New in v4.4
  • [PRO] native support for eBay as new external synchronization provider
  • tracking is only possible if the account is added in the synchronization settings!
  • native support for Cyprus Post, Parcel2Go and TA-Q-BIN Singapore
  • fixed issues with Cargus, ELTA and Russia Post tracking
  • [Android 4.4+] translucent status and navigation bar
  • [Android 4.4+] full screen map view (immersive mode)
New in v4.3.1
  • native support for Post Croatia
  • fixed issues with CTT, DPD.co.uk, FAN Courier, Interlink Express and Speedpost
  • fixed issues with some couriers on Android 2.3 to 3.x
New in v4.3
  • automatically detected Amazon shipments will now be displayed in the same entry
    • instead of a new entry for each delivery, all DHL/UPS/... status messages will be collected in the main entry
  • native support for Cargus, Colis Privé, DHL Swisspack, DPD.pl, Globegistics, JNE, Major-LTL, MHI, MSI, Newgistics, Post Ukraine, Saudi Post, Serpost, Speedex, TNT Post.it, UK Mail and UPS Freight
  • support for PTT (non-native)
  • fixed issues with BRT, Correos, DPD, Post Poland and USPS
  • consistent, alphabetical sorting of providers
  • split deliveries will now be displayed in separate tabs
  • fixed time zone issues preventing editing of synchronized deliveries
  • major optimizations for the synchronization service
  • the UI will no longer be blocked while marking deliveries as completed
  • [PRO] improved license check
  • various crash fixes and improvements
New in v4.2.8
  • added certificate for secure connection to the new sync server
  • fixed UPS dates for Chinese language
New in v4.2.7
  • native support for ACS
  • support for 13ten (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Post Poland
  • updated translations, thanks to all translators!
  • added password reset link while adding a Deliveries account
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v4.2.6
  • native support for Colissimo, DSV, Polar Express, Redpack, SCS Express and Toll Global Express
  • fixed issues with Aramex, DirectLink, International Bridge and Post Sweden
  • fixed background refresh not working properly
  • [PRO] new option to always display the estimated delivery date and created date in days
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v4.2.5
  • native support for Amazon.fr, Bulgarian Posts, Correo Argentino, DB Schenker Sweden, DPD.ie, EMS Malaysia, Estafeta, Interlink Express, Lietuvos Paštas, Nightline Delivers, Post Fiji, Purolator, Redyser, SPSR express, TNT.fr, Toll IPEC, Venipak and Zasilkovna
  • fixed issues with BRT, DHL, DHL Express International, Mexpost, Poczta Polska and SingPost
  • improved handling of shared text/URLs and clipboard data
  • new option to display the creation date of deliveries
  • [PRO] new sort options: by name and by last status
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v4.2.4
  • native support for bpost International, Post India International and SFC
  • support for Hungary and Russia Post (non-native)
  • fixed issues with Post Austria and Canada Post
  • support for DHL multi-package deliveries
  • removed native support for Correo Argentino as they require a captcha now 🙁
  • added Czech and Portuguese translations
  • smooth pull to refresh animations
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v4.2.3
  • Greek translation thanks to Romanos Nianios
  • native support for Aramex, Geniki Taxydromiki and sao.cn Intl. Parcel Tracking
  • support for Norco Delivery Services (non-native)
  • improvements for AusPost, China Post, BRT, DHL and Pošta Slovenije
  • various other improvements and bug fixes
New in v4.2.2
  • native support for Kuroneko Yamato and Pošta Slovenije
  • support for ACS and Sagawa Express (non-native)
  • fixed issues with DHL, ELTA, Japan Post
  • high resolution icon for Nexus 5
  • fixed issues adding Google account in tablet layout
  • crash fixes
New in v4.2
  • added Danish translation thanks to amao
  • added native support for AAE, Borderfree, CourierPost, DB Schenker, Direct Link and Speedpost
  • added non-native support for InTime, Nova poshta, Thailand Post and trans-o-flex
  • ability to select all deliveries of the list
  • [PRO] option: check clipboard on startup and adding a delivery
  • [PRO] option: display category icons in the widget
  • [PRO] option: filter new providers by default
  • fixed issues with some providers
New in v4.1.5
  • fixed issues with DPD
  • Settings -> Synchronization -> Automatic Recognition gets activated with this update as an earlier version deactivated it for everyone
New in v4.1.4
  • fixed issues with DHL Express International and OnTrac
New in v4.1.3
  • native support for Chronopost, Post Poland, Post Slowakia and PPL CZ
  • completely revamped detail view, thanks to Philipp Botzner and Lukas Inschlag for the help and inspiration!
  • support for the Pebble smartwatch
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v4.1.2
  • native support for Correo Argentino, Correios, FAN Courier, Pantos, Romania Post and Tollpost
  • fixed issues with many other couriers
New in v4.1.1
  • native support for DHL Active Tracing
  • fixed USPS tracking issues
New in v4.1
  • native support for 4PX, APC, Cepra 3.0, Czech Post, Correos, MRW, Post Latvia, STL, TA-Q-BIN and TNT Fashion
  • many improvements and fixes for various couriers
  • possibility to add the estimated delivery date to your calendar
  • share text can be customized
  • unread indicators, pull to refresh
  • further general improvements and fixes
New in v4.0.2
  • native support for Post Finland
  • new category: "Business"
  • the navigation drawer now lets you filter by category
  • [PRO] new option to reverse sort direction for deliveries and statuses
New in v4.0.1
  • native support for Collect+
  • fixed crash bugs and minor issues
New in v4.0
  • [PRO] Sync website: http://deliveries.orrs.de/sync/ (big thanks to Lemaire Stewart!)
  • added French translation thanks to Nicolas Derive
  • native support for Courierit, CTT, Dawn Wing, ELTA, ELTA Courier, EWC Express, Globeflight, Hermes.co.uk, Hunter Trading Group, i-parcel, Israel Post, kuriero, La Poste France, New Zealand Post, PostNL, SkyNet, SFS and TNT Innight
  • fixed DHL tracking for Amazon Prime orders (ZIP required!)
  • added "Unknown" provider for planned deliveries you don't have a tracking number for yet
  • filter the delivery list by courier, state and Amazon account via the new navigation drawer
  • widget can now be resized as small as 1x1
  • new options for default values
  • many crash fixes and improvements
New in v3.9.1
  • native support for Japan Post
  • fixed Post Italy and SingPost tracking
  • new option to disable double back to quit
  • crash fixes
New in v3.9
  • Swedish translation thanks to Daniel Söderström and Ida Pettersson
  • native support for bpost / TAXIPOST, CouriersPlease, DHL Global Mail, LogoiX, ParcelPool, P&T Luxembourg, Seabourne Express, StarTrack and TNT.com.au
  • fixed Royal Mail tracking
  • new option for detailed statuses in the widget
  • new option to sort the list by provider
  • more icons for the deliveries
  • minor visual improvements
  • crash fixes
New in v3.8.2
  • crash fix
New in v3.8.1
  • important crash fixes
  • improved list item scaling for different system font sizes
New in v3.8
  • native support for Fastway
  • improved design of main list
  • fixed faulty error message when refreshing multiple deliveries
New in v3.7
  • added Arabic translation thanks to عربية( عبدالرحيم
  • native support for Amazon.ca
  • reworked networking code to fix endless refreshing
  • fixed "flickering" time text
  • bugfixes and improvements
New in v3.6.1
  • crash fixes
New in v3.6
  • added Romanian translation thanks to adrianis
  • native support for Post Moldova and Post Sweden
  • new option to select a default provider
  • [PRO] new theme: light with dark action bar
  • [PRO] support for syncing multiple Amazon accounts simultaneously
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v3.5
  • added Italian translation thanks to Andrea Wolf and Philipp Botzner
  • native support for Amazon.it, DPD.co.uk, GLS.it, OnTrac, Prestige, SDA and Stadtbote
  • easily switch deliveries in detail view by swiping left or right
  • new option to summarize notification to prevent spam
  • possibility to choose shorter Amazon sync interval (default 7 days)
  • various bug fixes and improvements
New in v3.4
  • native support for An Post, BRT, CitySprint (Amazon), Parcelforce Worldwide, Post Italy, TNT.it and Yodel
  • support for MSI and SDA (non-native)
  • fixed issues scanning barcodes with tablets
  • various bugfixes
New in v3.3
  • native support for City Link and Post Denmark
  • support for i-parcel (non-native)
  • fixed Royal Mail tracking
  • synchronized amazon orders will not be auto-deleted for at least 30 days
  • many crash fixes
New in v3.2
  • better rounding for the estimated delivery date
  • support for China Post (non-native)
  • removed postcode caching due to issues with DHL
  • new option to change font size of widget
New in v3.1
  • native support for Amazon.co.uk, Honkong Post, Mexpost and Post Canada
  • fixed display of estimated delivery date for Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • fixed TNT tracking
  • choose from a list of installed apps while trying to scan a barcode
  • option to sort by expected delivery date
New in v3.0
  • search button to filter by title, tracking ID and provider
  • [PRO] New option to automatically sync new Amazon orders (after first import)
  • [PRO] Quiet mode to disable notifications in a given timeframe
  • many crash fixes and improvements
New in v2.8
  • native support for Singapore Post (SingPost) and Swiss Post
  • swipe out deliveries to mark as completed (left) or delete (right)
  • improved automatic tracking ID detection for Amazon
  • new option to mark deliveries with a symbol
  • many crash bugs fixed and improvements
New in v2.7
  • display estimated delivery date for Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • only suggest Deliveries as action for HTTP links of supported providers
New in v2.6
  • native support for LaserShip
  • possibility to open link with the app to directly import the tracking ID
  • important fixes and improvements
New in v2.5
  • renamed ad-free version to pro version:
    • reserving many customization options to pro customers
    • all existing installations maintain access!
  • improved Amazon integration:
    • support for orders with split shipments
    • automatically recognize DHL, UPS and USPS tracking IDs for direct purchases
    • [PRO] easily import all orders from your account in synchronization settings
  • fixed various crash bugs
New in v2.3
  • native support for Royal Mail
  • fixed issues with tracking numbers containing whitespaces
  • added MultiWindow support for Samsung flagship devices
New in v2.2
  • ability to extract the tracking id from various provider links when shared with Deliveries
  • new button to easily share the delivery history e.g. via mail
  • new options to customize the widgets
  • fixed issues connecting to a Google account
New in v2.1
  • native support for Post Germany
  • support for Post Finland (non-native)
  • new general options:
    • Theme (light or dark)
    • Shake to refresh deliveries
  • additional widget in dark colors
New in v2.0
  • native support for Australia Post, EMS Korea, FedEx and Post Norway
  • support for iloxx (non-native)
  • new general options:
    • sort deliveries by date (of creation or last saved)
    • automatically delete completed deliveries after a specified amount of time
  • many bug fixes and smaller improvements
New in v1.6
  • new option to automatically refresh deliveries on app startup
  • important fixes for synchronization with Android 2.x
  • fixed various crash bugs
New in v1.5.6
  • native support for Amazon.com
  • fixed invalid tracking numbers corrupting the refresh process
  • fixed a crash bug
New in v1.5.5
  • new options to display notifications for manual refreshes in app and from widget
  • fixed notification sound title for "Silent" on many devices
  • fixed a crash bug
New in v1.5.4
  • fixed notification sound picker not saving the selection
  • fixed a crash bug
New in v1.5.3
  • fixed issues with provider filter not getting saved on devices with stock Android
New in v1.5.2
  • widget refreshes if background service finds new statuses
  • fixed more crash bugs, minor improvements
New in v1.5.1
  • fixed crash trying to refresh DPD deliveries
New in v1.5
  • possibility to authenticate with the sync service using your Google account
  • improved registration and sign in to "Deliveries" accounts
  • some crash fixes for issues reported via Google Play (thanks!)
New in v1.4.2
  • improved status detection for USPS
New in v1.4.1
  • support for Aramex, Australia Post, La Poste France, LaserShip, OnTrac, Post Danmark, Post Italy, Post Norway, Purolator and Sweden Post (non-native)
New in v1.4
  • support for Chronopost, Fastway, GO!, Parcelforce Worldwide, PostNL, Swiss Post, Royal Mail und Yodel (non-native)
  • dynamically show the last refreshed time of deliveries instead of just a date
  • many fixes and improvements
New in v1.3.1
  • added missing translations for provider filter
  • fixed a crash opening map view
  • fixed special characters in provider names
New in v1.3
  • added possibility to show the track of the delivery on a map
  • new settings to filter providers for spinner
  • fixed some crash bugs, general improvements
New in v1.2
  • support for City Link and Deutsche Post (non-native)
  • fixed issues when having more than one widget
  • when selecting text in another app, you can create a new delivery by hitting the share-button
  • major bug and crash-fixes
New in v1.1
  • native support for DHL Express International
  • fixed delivery list collapsing when opening app via widget or notifications on smartphones
  • minor improvements
New in v1.0.7
  • Added widget for easy access on your home screen (Android 3.0+) and lock screen (Android 4.2+)
  • native support for Amazon Returns, Post Austria, TNT and USPS
New in v1.0.6
  • support for USPS (non-native)
  • new icon for notifications consistent with the running Android version, e.g. Holo (as default, changeable in settings)
New in v1.0.5
  • fixed issues with in-app purchase license verification
New in v1.0.4
  • improved design for delivery provider chooser
  • possibility to mark multiple deliveries completed/pending at once
New in v1.0.3
  • removed ability for in-app purchase via Samsung Apps to comply with Google Play guidelines
  • minor improvements
New in v1.0.2
  • support for Amazon Returns, FedEx and TNT (non-native)
New in v1.0.1
  • native support for GLS