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Delivery Delivery
AppName Deliveries
ActionBarTitle Deliveries
DeliveriesLight Deliveries (light)
DeliveriesDark Deliveries (dark)
DeliveriesModern Deliveries (modern)
DeliveryDetail Details
LastStatus Last status
Created Created
Status Status
ByStatus By status
Account Account
ByAccount By account
Category Category
ByCategory By category
TrackingId Tracking ID
TrackingIdShort Tracking ID
OrderId Order ID
Barcode Barcode
CustomerReference Customer reference
Provider Provider
ByProvider By provider
PartialDelivery Partial delivery
PartialDeliveries Partial deliveries
AddPartialDelivery Add partial delivery
OthersOptional Others (optional)
Location Location
Map Map
History History
SaveInHistory Save in history
Dimensions Dimensions
Weight Weight
Volume Volume
Service Service
DeliveryHistory Delivery history
DeliveryName Delivery name
Unnamed Unnamed
OpenNavigation Open navigation
CloseNavigation Close navigation
AllF All
AllT All
Refresh Refresh
RefreshAll Refresh all
RefreshSelected Refresh selected
Edit Edit
Translate Translate
TranslateAll Translate all
ClearTranslation Clear translation
TranslatedBy Translated by
SourceLanguage Source language
Back Back
Delete Delete
Search Search
SelectAll Select all
MarkRead Mark read
MarkDone Mark completed
MarkPending Mark pending
Share Share
AddToCalendar Add to calendar
ShowOnMap Show on map
Browser Browser
ShowInBrowser Show in browser
NewStatus New status
ClearHistory Clear history
New New
NewDelivery New delivery
Save Save
Saved Saved
checked checked
Yes Yes
No No
Close Close
Register Register
SignIn Sign in
Import Import
Set Set
Paste Paste
Scan Scan
Never Never
NoneF None
NoneM None
NoneT None
Note Note
NoAutomaticChildDelivery Please manually create a partial delivery!
NotNativelySupported Not natively supported
Signatory Signature
About About
AppStatus App Status
BuyPro Buy Pro-Version
SyncWebsite Sync website
Author Author
EmailAddress Email Address
Username Username
Password Password
PasswordSyncNote The password does not get synchronized for security reasons!
PostCodeHint Post code
OptionalHint (optional)
ShippingDateHint Shipping date
Date Date
Time Time
Active Active
ProVersionIsActive Active
Activate Activate
ActivatedAction Activated
Completed Completed
CompletedAction Completed
ReadAction Read
DeliveryCompleted Delivery completed
Suggestions Suggestions
Favorites Favorites
CancelDeliveryEditPromptTitle Discard changes?
CancelDeliveryEditPromptText Do you really want to discard all changes?
ProviderSuggestionsDataInfo To prepare provider suggestions, a huge amount of information about possible tracking ID formats is required.
By using this functionality, you agree that the following information will be sent to the developer for all your current and future deliveries:
• Tracking ID
• Provider
• Attributes (ZIP/Shipping date/…)
• Status count
• Internal ID of the delivery
Should you decide not to use suggestions anymore, you can disable submitting your data in the settings.
ProviderSuggestionsNoTrackingID Please enter the tracking ID first
NoLocationsDialogTitle No locations
NoLocationsDialogText This delivery does not have a single status with a valid location!
Rebooting your device might fix this.
EmptyProviderFilterDialogTitle Empty filter
EmptyProviderFilterDialogText You have to choose at least one provider!
Changes were discarded.
DoubleBackToCloseToast Press the back key again to close the app
Application Application
Version Version
Contact Contact
Privacy Privacy
Translation Translation
ApplicationIcon Application icon
ThanksTo Thanks to
aboutHelpText Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions via our Q&A portal https://help.orrs.de.
aboutPrivacyText I am committed to protect your personal data. You can find the complete disclaimer at https://deliveries.orrs.de/privacy/
aboutTranslationText I need your help to translate this app to different languages! Please submit your translations at our platform:
aboutTranslationCredits English translation by Oliver Rennies
aboutAppIconDescription The application icon was designed by Yeti-Designs
BarcodeScannerInstallTitle Install barcode scanner?
BarcodeScannerInstallMessage This application requires a barcode scanner. Would you like to install it?
DeleteThisDelivery_ Permanently delete this delivery?
DeleteTheseXDeliveries_ Permanently delete these %1$s deliveries?
Deleted Deleted
DeliveryDeleted_ Delivery deleted.
DeletedXDeliveries_ Deleted %1$s deliveries.
TheTrackingIdMayNotBeEmpty_ The tracking ID may not be empty!
ProviderRequiresLoginCredentials This provider requires login credentials!
ProviderRequiresShippingDate This provider requires a date of shipment!
ProviderRequiresPostCode This provider requires a post code (ZIP)!
ProviderRequiresAttributeX This provider requires the field "%1$s"!
ErrorLoadingData_ Error loading data!
Refreshed Refreshed
Sorry Sorry
Available Available
FinishEditingFirst A delivery is currently being edited!
CouldNotRefreshNotNative Could not refresh "%1$s"!
%2$s is not natively supported.
NoDeliveriesYet Please add some deliveries.
NoStatusesYet No status information available yet.
NoStatusHistoryYet No status messages saved yet.
DontShowAgain Don't show this again
RememberAnswer Remember answer
ReallyDeleteDeliveryHistory_ Do you really want to clear the history of this delivery?
RefreshingDeliveryStatuses Refreshing delivery statuses…
RefreshingExternalOrders Refreshing orders: %1$s…
Load Load
Loading Loading
Loading_ Loading…
LoadingOrders_ Loading orders…
LoadingMap_ Loading map…
Saving Saving
SavingDelivery_ Saving delivery…
DeliveryHistoryCleaned Delivery history cleared.
Silent Silent
Error Error
Disabled Disabled
FiveMinutes 5 Minutes
FifteenMinutes 15 Minutes
ThirtyMinutes 30 Minutes
OneHour 1 Hour
OneHourRecommended 1 Hour (recommended)
TwoHours 2 Hours
ThreeHours 3 Hours
FourHours 4 Hours
SixHours 6 Hours
TwelveHours 12 Hours
OneDay 1 Day
AYearAgo a year ago
AMonthAgo a month ago
AWeekAgo a week ago
ADayAgo yesterday
AnHourAgo an hour ago
AMinuteAgo a minute ago
FewSecondsAgo a few seconds ago
XYearsAgo %1$s years ago
XMonthsAgo %1$s months ago
XWeeksAgo %1$s weeks ago
XDaysAgo %1$s days ago
XHoursAgo %1$s hours ago
XMinutesAgo %1$s minutes ago
LessThanAMinute less than a minute ago
Year Year
Years Years
YearIndex Y
Month Month
Months Months
MonthIndex M
Week Week
Weeks Weeks
WeekIndex W
Day Day
Days Days
DayIndex D
Today Today
Tomorrow Tomorrow
EstDelivery Est. delivery
PlannedPickup_ Planned pickup: %1$s
PlannedDelivery_ Planned delivery: %1$s
DeliveryCountX %1$s (Delivery #%2$s)
Recipient Recipient
Sender Sender
HouseNumber House number
Neighbor Neighbor
Delivered Delivered
DeliveredOn Delivered on
ChooseAction Choose action
NotificationNewStatuses New statuses available
Hello Hello
EmailShareHeading here are the details of my delivery
EmailShareAd Conveniently manage and track your deliveries with "Deliveries" for Android: %1$s
Subject Subject
Message Message
QRCode QR-Code
BarcodeType Barcode type
BarcodeTypeError The tracking ID cannot be displayed in the chosen barcode type.
ToggleLight Toggle light
ReportProblem Report problem
Statuses Statuses
Purchase Purchase
InAppPurchaseDescription If you want to support future development and unlock all features, you can purchase the pro version. As keeping the couriers up to date requires continuous updates, please consider the recommended subscription instead of a permanent license.
Benefits of the paid version include:
• completely ad-free
• easily import your Amazon and eBay orders and keep them synced
• set a quiet times for notifications
• access to different app themes
• many useful convenience settings like shake to refresh
• browser access to sync data via https://deliveries.orrs.de/sync
• and many more…

Note: If you have already purchased with your account, press the refresh button at the top to validate your license. If your license is not recognized, please refer to the following article: https://help.orrs.de/1256/
InAppPurchaseThanksTitle Purchase successful!
InAppPurchaseThanksText Thanks for your support!
The product was unlocked for this account.

To enable the features, the app will be restarted when you press OK.
InAppPurchaseErrorText There was a problem trying to perform the in-app purchase.
Please try again later!
ErrorDetails Error details
InAppPurchaseErrorDetailUnknownError Error details: An unknown error occurred. Error Code:
MobileDataUsage Mobile data usage
ProviderSpinnerNotNativeNote Not natively supported providers will only display the tracking website in a browser view.
ProviderSpinnerCaptchaNote Some providers require a captcha each refresh. These do not support background notifications.
SynchronizingDeliveries_ Synchronizing deliveries…
SynchronizationCompleted_ Synchronization completed.
SynchronizationFailed Synchronization failed
ErrorSyncingDeleteRequest Error syncing delete request
ErrorSyncingServerError Server error. Please try again later!
ErrorSyncingTimeMismatch A newer version of the delivery was found on the server. Changes were discarded. Please make sure that all your devices have the same time configured!
ErrorSyncingInternetConnectionRequired_ Internet connection required!
Synchronization will be tried again on next app start with internet connection
ErrorNoTrackingIdFoundOpenBrowser Could not find a tracking ID in your link!
You can either paste it anyways and extract the ID yourself or open it in your browser.
ErrorLoggingIn An error occurred while trying to log in.
ErrorAccountInvalidOrExpired Your %1$s login (%2$s) is either invalid or expired. Please reconfigure it in the synchronization settings.
ErrorAccountExpiredAndBroken Your device keeps sending invalid %1$s login data (%2$s). More information on this website: %3$s
ErrorWrongCaptcha Captcha could not be verified
InternetConnectionRequired_ Internet connection required!
UnknownError Unknown error
RestartNow_ Restart now?
External External
Settings Settings
SettingsProNoteSummary Buy add-on to unlock all settings
SettingsGeneralTitle General
SettingsGeneralSummary General app settings
SettingsGeneralLocaleTitle Language
SettingsGeneralShowWorkingTitle Working notification
SettingsGeneralShowWorkingSummary Show refresh activity in notification center ("Refreshing delivery statuses…")
SettingsGeneralRefreshButtonsTitle Refresh buttons
SettingsGeneralPullRefreshTitle Pull to refresh
SettingsGeneralPullRefreshSummary Pull down list to refresh
SettingsGeneralShakeTitle Shake
SettingsGeneralShakeSummary Shake device to refresh
SettingsGeneralFlingGestureTitle Swipe
SettingsGeneralFlingGestureSummary Activate swipe gestures in the main list
SettingsGeneralSortTitle Sort deliveries
SettingsGeneralSortDirectionTitle Sort direction
SettingsGeneralSortEtaTopTitle ETA to top
SettingsGeneralSortEtaTopSummary Show deliveries with ETA at the top
SettingsGeneralAutoDeleteDialog All completed deliveries that haven't been saved within your specified interval will be deleted on next refresh.
SettingsGeneralDoubleBackTitle Double back
SettingsGeneralDoubleBackSummary Second back to close the app
SettingsGeneralLocationPressTitle Location press
SettingsGeneralLocationPressSummary Open map by pressing the location
SettingsGeneralInAppBrowserTitle In-App Browser
SettingsGeneralInAppBrowserSummary Use integrated browser to open links
SettingsDefaultsTitle Default values
SettingsDefaultsSummary Presets for various input fields
SettingsDefaultsDefaultActionTitle Default action
SettingsDefaultsDefaultProviderTitle Default provider
SettingsDefaultsAddClipboardSummary Put as tracking ID while creating a delivery
SettingsDefaultsRefreshAfterCreateTitle Refresh automatically
SettingsDefaultsRefreshAfterCreateSummary After creating or editing a delivery
SettingsDefaultsIntegratedBarcodeScannerTitle Integrated barcode scanner
SettingsDefaultsIntegratedBarcodeScannerSummary Use the integrated barcode scanning functionality
SettingsDefaultsShareTitle Share Presets
SettingsDefaultsShareAddNameSummary Useful if a custom message is set
SettingsDefaultsShareAddStatusesSummary Add the current statuses to the text
SettingsDefaultsShareAddLinkTitle Browser link
SettingsDefaultsShareAddLinkSummary Add a link to the tracking website
SettingsDefaultsShareAddPromoTitle Promotional text
SettingsDefaultsShareAddPromoSummary Promote this app while sharing
SettingsAutomationTitle Automation
SettingsAutomationSummary Automate actions like marking deliveries as completed
SettingsAutomationStartupTitle Startup
SettingsAutomationStartupSummary Refresh deliveries on app startup
SettingsAutomationClipboardStartSummary Check content on startup and show dialog
SettingsAutomationAutoDeleteTitle Delete completed deliveries
SettingsProviderFilterTitle Provider filter
SettingsProviderFilterSummary Filter the providers displayed while adding and editing a delivery
SettingsProviderFilterFavoriteModeTitle Favorite mode
SettingsProviderFilterFavoriteModeSummaryOn Deactivated providers are moved to the bottom
SettingsProviderFilterFavoriteModeSummaryOff Deactivated providers are hidden
SettingsProviderFilterSortByUsageTitle Sort by usage
SettingsProviderFilterSortByUsageSummary Usage amount decides the list position
SettingsProviderFilterSearchBarTitle Search bar
SettingsProviderFilterSearchBarSummary Show search box in the provider chooser
SettingsProviderFilterAfterUpdateTitle After update
SettingsProviderFilterAfterUpdateSummary Enable new providers automatically after updates
SettingsProviderFilterEnableAllTitle Enable all
SettingsProviderFilterDisableAllTitle Disable all
SettingsNotificationTitle Notifications
SettingsNotificationSummary Configure auto notifications and notification central
SettingsNotificationRefreshServiceEnabledTitle Notifications
SettingsNotificationRefreshServiceEnabledSummary Refresh while in background
SettingsNotificationManualTitle Manual refresh
SettingsNotificationManualSummary Notifications within the app
SettingsNotificationRefreshIntervalTitle Refresh interval (WiFi)
SettingsNotificationMobileRefreshTitle Mobile refresh interval (Cellular data)
SettingsNotificationMobileRefreshSummary Background refresh while on mobile data
SettingsNotificationRoamingTitle Roaming
SettingsNotificationRoamingSummary Background refresh when roaming
SettingsNotificationSummarizeTitle Summarize
SettingsNotificationSummarizeSummary Show all new statuses in a single notification
SettingsNotificationSoundTitle Notification sound
SettingsNotificationSoundSummary Choose the sound played when you receive a notification
SettingsNotificationColorTitle Notification light
SettingsNotificationBackgroundTitle Notification background
SettingsNotificationVibrationTitle Vibration
SettingsNotificationVibrationSummary Vibrate when receiving a notification
SettingsNotificationMoreTitle More options
SettingsNotificationMoreSummary Change sound, vibration and more in the system settings
SettingsNotificationHighPriorityTitle High priority
SettingsNotificationHighPrioritySummary Improved background refresh reliability
SettingsNotificationTroubleshootSummary Disable energy saving restrictions for this app
SettingsNotificationQuietTitle Quiet mode
SettingsNotificationQuietSummary Disable notifications for timeframe
SettingsNotificationQuietStartTitle Quiet mode start
SettingsNotificationQuietEndTitle Quiet mode end
SettingsNotificationNoteSummary Note: Notifications will only be shown if the app is closed or in background. While you are actively working in the app, you will need to refresh manually.
SettingsSyncTitle Synchronization
SettingsSyncSummary Sync deliveries with other devices, Amazon and eBay
SettingsSyncEnabledSummary Sync deliveries across devices
SettingsSyncLoginWith Connect with %1$s account
SettingsSyncLoginGoogle Connect with Google account
SettingsSyncLoginDeliveries Connect with Deliveries account
SettingsSyncRevoke Revoke connection
SettingsSyncRevoke_ Revoke connection?
SettingsSyncRevokeDialogMessage Do you really want to disable synchronization and revoke the connection to this account?
SettingsSyncGoogleAccountEmpty The action resulted in an empty account name. Please make sure that you have a Google account registered on your device!
SettingsSyncDeliveriesAccount Deliveries account
SettingsSyncInvalidEmail Please supply a valid email address!
SettingsSyncInvalidPassword Minimum length of the password is 5 characters!
SettingsSyncCreatingAccountTitle Creating account
SettingsSyncCreatingAccountMessage Trying to create your account on the sync service…
SettingsSyncCheckingAccountTitle Checking account
SettingsSyncCheckingAccountMessage Logging in to the sync service…
SettingsSyncActionError There was an error trying to fulfill your request
SettingsSyncAmazonAccount Amazon account
SettingsSyncExternalAccountAlreadyExists This account already exists
SettingsSyncExternalAddAccount Add account
SettingsSyncExternalAddAccountSummary e.g. Amazon and eBay
SettingsSyncExternalAddAccountDialogMessage Please enable the "%1$s" option below to import new orders from the external accounts on every full refresh.
SettingsSyncExternalAutoInterval Fetch automatically
SettingsSyncExternalAmazonReplaceChildren Replace partial deliveries
SettingsSyncExternalAmazonReplaceChildrenSummary Fetch status information from providers instead of Amazon
SettingsSyncExternalAutoSyncDialogMessage If you use the device synchronization service above, make sure that you enable automatic fetching on one single device only to prevent duplicates.
Also keep in mind that you should not delete orders within the selected import period as they would be recreated on the next refresh. Mark them as completed instead.
SettingsSyncExternalChooseOrders Choose orders
SettingsSyncExternalNoNew The account was successfully configured for synchronization.
No new orders found!
SettingsSyncExternalError No orders found!
Most likely you entered wrong login credentials.
SettingsSyncSignedInAs Connected to %1$s
SettingsDesignTitle Design
SettingsDesignSummary Configure the visual appearance of the app
SettingsDesignThemeTitle Theme
SettingsDesignColorizeNavBarTitle Colorize navigation bar
SettingsDesignOverrideDateFormatTitle Date format
SettingsDesignOverride24hTitle Time format
SettingsDesignShowEstimatedDateTitle Estimated delivery date
SettingsDesignShowEstimatedDateSummary Show the estimated delivery date if available
SettingsDesignMoreSpacingTitle More spacing
SettingsDesignMoreSpacingSummary Increase spacing for some layouts
SettingsDesignShowListCheckboxTitle Checkboxes
SettingsDesignShowListCheckboxSummary Display checkboxes in the main list
SettingsDesignShowCreatedDateTitle Created date
SettingsDesignShowCreatedDateSummary Show the date you created the delivery
SettingsDesignShowInDaysTitle Show in days
SettingsDesignShowInDaysSummary Always display estimated and created date in days
SettingsDesignShowStatusStateTitle Unread indicator
SettingsDesignShowStatusStateSummary Highlight statuses that haven't been read yet
SettingsDesignShowLastStatusSummary Display last status time instead of last refreshed in main list
SettingsTranslationSummary Enable and configure automatic translation
SettingsTranslationCredentialsSummary Supply credentials
SettingsTranslationAutomatic Automatic translation
SettingsTranslationEnabledSummary Translate new statuses automatically
SettingsTranslationNote To use this feature, you need to supply your own Microsoft Translator API credentials
SettingsTranslationPrefNote Statuses will only be automatically translated after configuring the relevant provider below
SettingsWearableTitle Wearables
SettingsWearableSummary Configure the wearable integration
SettingsWidgetTitle Widget
SettingsWidgetSummary Change display options for the widget
SettingsWidgetDeliveryFilterTitle Delivery filter
SettingsWidgetNotificationTitle Notifications
SettingsWidgetNotificationSummary Notify of new statuses
SettingsWidgetTextSizeTitle Text size
SettingsWidgetShowFullStatusTitle Detailed
SettingsWidgetShowFullStatusSummary Show full details of latest status
SettingsWidgetShowCategorySummary Show category icon
SettingsWidgetShowEstimatedDateSummary Show ETA instead of latest status
SettingsWidgetModern Modern widget
SettingsWidgetLight Light widget
SettingsWidgetDark Dark widget
SettingsWidgetToolbarBackground Toolbar background color
SettingsWidgetToolbarContent Toolbar content color
SettingsWidgetBackground Background color
SettingsWidgetBackgroundTransparency Background transparency
SettingsWidgetFontColorTitle Font color title
SettingsWidgetFontColorText Font color text
SettingsWidgetResetTitle Reset settings
SettingsWidgetResetSummary Reset all settings related to widget design
SettingsWidgetResetDialogTitle Reset design?
SettingsWidgetResetDialogMessage Do you really want to reset all settings related to the design of the widgets?
SettingsBackupRestoreTitle Backup & restore
SettingsBackupRestoreSummary Create and import complete backups of all data and settings
SettingsBackupRestoreBackup Backup
SettingsBackupRestoreRestore Restore
SettingsBackupRestoreCompatTitle Compatibility mode
SettingsBackupRestoreCompatSummary Activate for additional storage options
SettingsBackupRestoreBackupCompleted Backup created successfully
SettingsBackupRestoreRestoreCompleted App data successfully restored
SettingsBackupRestoreRestoreOnlyDeliveries Only deliveries
SettingsBackupRestoreRestoreOnlySettings Only settings
SettingsPrivacySummary Manage your privacy choices for this app
SettingsPrivacyResetConsentTitle Reset consent
SettingsPrivacyResetConsentSummary Choose whether to personalize ads
SettingsPrivacyUsageStatisticsTitle Usage statistics
SettingsPrivacyUsageStatisticsSummary Help improving the app with anonymous usage statistics
SettingsPrivacyProviderSuggestionsActiveTitle Submit data
SettingsPrivacyProviderSuggestionsActiveSummary Automatically send delivery information to the developer
SettingsPrivacyDeveloperLogTitle Developer logging
SettingsPrivacyDeveloperLogSummary Do not enable unless instructed to
SettingsRestartNowSummary To completely apply your chosen settings, the app must be completely restarted.
SettingsRefreshWarningText In order to provide background notifications, every active delivery will be refreshed on each interval.

In order to minimize bandwidth, you should consider the following points:
a) Always mark deliveries as completed if you don't need the status to be refreshed and as soon as they are delivered.
b) Keep the refresh interval high. The default is once per hour.
c) To prevent mobile data usage for background notifications completely, enable the option "WiFi Only".

Note: I estimate the data usage of each active delivery per interval at about 10–100kb depending on the provider.
ErrorLoadingDeliveryDialog An error occurred trying to load information for this delivery.

If this error persists, please delete and recreate the delivery.
If that does not help either, please contact the developer supplying:
• the provider name
• was the app started from the icon, widget or a notification?
ForgottenPassword_ Forgotten password?
Problems_ Problems?
Captcha Captcha
NotAvailableOnThisDevice Not available on this device
Divider Divider
Background Background
Logo Logo
Icon Icon
Color Color
Default Default
Automatic Automatic
Clipboard Clipboard
Step Step
RecommendActivateSyncMessage To keep your deliveries safe and sync them across devices, I recommend activating the synchronization service.

To do so, please press "Settings" and switch to synchronization settings.
BatteryOptimizationWarning Your current device settings prevent "Deliveries" from notifying you about status updates in the background.
Please add this app as an exception to your battery optimization settings to start receiving automatic notifications.

Since Android 8.0 (Oreo), the default energy saving rules aggressively block apps that run in the background.
AlreadyDone Already done
Now_ Now!
Later Later
ThatsSad_ That's sad!
Email Email
Advertisements Advertisements
RateDialogTitle Please rate "Deliveries"
RateTitle %1$s Review
RateMessage As independent and sole developer of this app, I cannot afford costly ad campaigns which is why I ask you for your support.

To help Deliveries grow and to show your appreciation, please sacrifice a few minutes of your time and leave a review on %1$s! This also ensures future updates.
RateNotSatisfiedMessage It's sad to hear that you are not fully satisfied with "Deliveries"!
Please feel free to contact me via deliveries@orrs.de if you have specific wishes to make this app better.
ProVersion Pro-Version
BillingPeriod Billing period: %1$s
IntroductoryOfferPriceForPeriod Introductory offer: %1$s for %2$s
ThenAutomaticallyBilledPriceForPeriod Then automatically billed: %1$s for %2$s
CancelAnytimeOn Cancel anytime on %1$s
License License
Licenses Licenses
CheckLicense Check license
Notice Notice
Website Website
SecurityQuestion Security question
TwoFactorAuth Two-factor authentication
TwoFactorAuthCode Auth code
Response Response
DialogClipboardTextFound There is text in your clipboard.
Do you want to create a new delivery using that data?
SupportEmail deliveries@orrs.de
SupportEmailSubject Feedback: Android App Deliveries
ProblemEmailInfoPrompt Before sending an error report to the developer, please make sure that you have read and understood all following points:

• Only report problems that are directly related to the usage of this app
• Specifically, do not send messages about the shipping process like "why hasn't my package arrived yet?" as I'm not related to the actual shipping companies
• Instead, use the "Show in browser" button and look for the right contact information on the official website of the shipping company
• Please make sure to keep the attachment in the message as it contains important information for troubleshooting without having to ask many questions
• If your report is linked to the integration of a specific shipping company, make sure to send the error report from the detail view of the relevant delivery so all information about it is included
• Messages without at least a brief description of the problem will be ignored
• Supported languages are English and German only but I will use machine translation and try to understand requests in other languages
ProblemEmailSubject Problem report: Android App Deliveries
ProblemEmailText Error description:
ProblemEmailNote Please do not remove the attachment!
ErrorNoEmailAppFound Error: No Email app found!
ErrorNoCalendarAppFound Error: No Calendar app found!
ErrorNoSuitableAppFound Error: No suitable app found!
ErrorBarcodeAppNotSupported The chosen app does not allow Barcode scanning!
ErrorSyncReloginRequired %1$s sync failed
Please reconfigure your account!
ErrorProviderRequiresPassword This provider requires a password!
ErrorAmbigousTrackingId Ambiguous tracking ID!
Please enter a unique one
ErrorStatusTextRequired Please enter a status message
XCopiedToClipboard %1$s was copied to your clipboard.
WebsiteUrl https://deliveries.orrs.de
ChooseFilename Choose filename
dialog_color_picker Color picker
press_color_to_apply Press on color to apply
Incoming Incoming
Outgoing Outgoing
Favorite Favorite
Movie Movie
Gift Gift
Heart Heart
Business Business
Important Important
Camera Camera
Clothes Clothes
Computer Computer
Games Games
FoodDishes Food, Dishes
Light Light
Music Music
OfficeMaterials Office materials
Paint Paint
Medicines Medicines
Flowers Flowers
Sports Sports
Tools Tools
Electronics Electronics
Mobile Mobile
Bathroom Bathroom
Car Car
Cosmetics Cosmetics
HomeGarden Home, Garden
Fishing Fishing
Furniture Furniture
Hobby Hobby
Household Household
Jewelry Jewelry
Shoes Shoes
Books Books
PetSupplies Pet supplies
Returns Returns
LuxuryFood Luxury food
Baby Baby
AmazonPackageContents Package contents
AmazonWebLoginSuccess You have successfully logged in. Do you want to store your login credentials in the app now?
AmazonErrorRequested2FA Amazon requested a two-step verification code.
AmazonErrorRequestedTempVerification Amazon sent you a verification code:
AmazonErrorRequestedSecurity Amazon requires you to enter security information before logging in.
AmazonErrorRequestedCaptcha Amazon requested a captcha.
AmazonErrorLoginFailed No orders found!
Most likely you entered wrong login credentials.
AmazonSecuritySuccessful Security question successfully confirmed.
AmazonPleaseLogInAgain Please log in again.
AmazonCaptchaSuccessful Captcha successfully confirmed.
AmazonLogisticsShipmentId Internal shipment ID
EbayFailedToAddAccount Failed to add account. If this error persists, please contact the developer!
EbayProviderNote Pro-Version only! Requires account configured in synchronization settings.
EbayAccountNotFound eBay account was not found!
Please configure in synchronization settings.
EbayFurtherTrackingInfoFound Further tracking information was supplied.
EbayMarkedShipped The order was marked as shipped.
EbayBuyerMessage Message from buyer
EbayPaymentCashInPerson Cash in person
EbayPaymentCashOnPickup Cash on pickup
EbayPaymentCCAccepted Credit card
EbayPaymentCOD Cash on delivery
EbayPaymentMoneyXferAccepted Direct money transfer
EbayPaymentMethod Payment method
EbayPaymentComplete The payment was processed successfully.
EbayPaymentBuyerCreditCardFailed The payment by credit card has failed.
EbayPaymentBuyerECheckBounced The eCheck bounced.
EbayPaymentBuyerFailedPaymentReportedBySeller The seller marked the payment as failed.
EbayPaymentPaymentInProcess The payment is being processed.
EbayPaymentPayPalPaymentInProcess The PayPal payment is being processed.
EbayPaymentNoPaymentFailure Not paid yet.
EbayShippingAddress Shipping address
EbayBuyer Buyer
EbaySeller Seller
UpdateNoteV52 Microsoft is currently in the process of moving the Translator API to the Azure portal. With this update, the app adds compatibility for the new access method.

In order to continue using the translation feature, you will need to configure your new credentials in the settings now.

More information:
LoveIt_ Love it!
LikeIt Like it
Acceptable Acceptable
Bad Bad
DontCare Don't care
ThemeDarkDefault Default (dark)
ThemeDarkOledDefault Default (OLED)
ThemeLight Light
ThemeLightDAB Light with dark action bar
ThemeDark Dark
ThemeDarkOled Dark (OLED)
ThemeBlue Blue
ThemeDarkBlue Blue (dark)
ThemeDarkOledBlue Blue (OLED)
ThemeBrown Dark brown
ThemeDarkBrown Dark brown (dark)
ThemeDarkOledBrown Dark brown (OLED)
ThemeRed Red
ThemeDarkRed Red (dark)
ThemeDarkOledRed Red (OLED)
HourFormat24 24-hour format
HourFormat12 12-hour format
ByLastSaved By last saved date
ByExpectedDelivery By expected delivery date
ByCreation By creation date
ByName By name
ByLastStatus By last status
Descending Descending
Ascending Ascending
After1Day After one day
After3Days After three days
After1Week After one week
After2Weeks After two weeks
After1Month After one month
After6Months After six months
After1Year After one year
Off Off
Red Red
Blue Blue
Green Green
Yellow Yellow
Cyan Cyan
Magenta Magenta
White White
Gray Gray
Yesterday Yesterday
Last2Days Last two days
Last4Days Last four days
LastWeek Last week
Last2Weeks Last two weeks
LastMonth Last month
ShowActiveOnly Show active only
ShowAll Show all
Days30 30 Days
Months6 6 Months
Year1 1 Year
Years2 2 Years
Years3 3 Years
Years4 4 Years
Years5 5 Years
Country Country
Afghanistan Afghanistan
AlandIslands Åland Islands
Albania Albania
Algeria Algeria
AmericanSamoa American Samoa
Andorra Andorra
Angola Angola
Anguilla Anguilla
Antarctica Antarctica
Antigua Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina Argentina
Armenia Armenia
Aruba Aruba
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Bahamas Bahamas
Bahrain Bahrain
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Barbados Barbados
Belarus Belarus
Belgium Belgium
Belize Belize
Benin Benin
Bermuda Bermuda
Bhutan Bhutan
Bolivia Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Bonaire Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
Bosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana Botswana
BouvetIsland Bouvet Island
Brazil Brazil
BritishIOT British Indian Ocean Territory
BruneiDarussalam Brunei Darussalam
Bulgaria Bulgaria
BurkinaFaso Burkina Faso
Burundi Burundi
Cambodia Cambodia
Cameroon Cameroon
Canada Canada
CapeVerde Cape Verde
CaymanIslands Cayman Islands
CentralAfricanRepublic Central African Republic
Chad Chad
Chile Chile
China China
ChristmasIsland Christmas Island
CocosIslands Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Colombia Colombia
Comoros Comoros
Congo Congo
CongoDemocraticRepublic Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
CookIslands Cook Islands
CostaRica Costa Rica
CoteDIvoire Côte d'Ivoire
Croatia Croatia
Cuba Cuba
Curacao Curaçao
Cyprus Cyprus
CzechRepublic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Djibouti Djibouti
Dominica Dominica
DominicanRepublic Dominican Republic
Ecuador Ecuador
Egypt Egypt
ElSalvador El Salvador
EquatorialGuinea Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Eritrea
Estonia Estonia
Ethiopia Ethiopia
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FaroeIslands Faroe Islands
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ProviderNoteAmazonLogistics Not meant for manual usage, please choose your local Amazon above.
ProviderNoteDBSchenker Schenker reference / STT numbers only
ProviderNoteDHLActiveTracing Only DHL order codes / consignment IDs. Package IDs and references are not supported.
ProviderNoteDHLGM For native support, use the "%1$s" from the website with the "%2$s" provider in the app.
ProviderRedirectedToUrl %1$s redirected this tracking ID to the link below. Please use the corresponding DHL provider instead.
DHLGMPassedToPartner DHL Global Mail has passed the item to the delivery partner.
New Tracking ID: %1$s
DHLGMNowTrackedDHL This delivery will now be tracked with the new ID as a DHL shipment!
DPDTrackingIdNotSupported The tracking ID "%1$s" is not supported by this app. Please browse to %2$s to get the proper parcel number.
HermesAmbiguousTrackingId This order ID is ambiguous. Possible tracking IDs:
ProviderNoteJRSExpIntl Put airbill number followed by BC as tracking ID, divided by a space
ProviderNoteUnknown Please enter the direct browser link as tracking ID for unsupported providers
ProviderNoteUnknownSaveHint Please note that the "Unknown" provider is just a placeholder and will not supply actual tracking information. You need to manually select the provider for your shipment as soon as you get to know it.
ProviderNoteUPSMI Better results using the sequence number and default UPS provider
ProviderNoteUSPS Please only enter the postcode and shipping date if you do not get results without them
ProviderNoteDeniesThirdPartyAccess %1$s denies third party developers access to their tracking results.
ProviderNoteUnreliableUseNonNative If unreliable, please use "%1$s" instead.
StatusLiveTrackingAvailable Live Tracking available
StatusInternationalTrackingAvailable International tracking available
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